Watching the Media and listening to many people discuss politics, i
have become very concerned.
Any advocate of a particular political ideology to its exclusivity, is lazy.

Everyone should think for themselves.
Everyone should question authority.
Everyone should consider alternatives to strict political ideology.

Never use or believe "Talking Points", always consider the agenda that
produced these points.


It has been brought to my attention that some people believe that Sept. 11th  was a Hoax.
I am ashamed of the people Knowingly defaming those that Died with Lies.

I was in New York City on that day. 
I was close enough to hear the Explosions.
I saw one building fall.
I saw the Giant Burning Mass that remained. 
I saw the Men working.
I saw the endless amounts of Steel and debris leaving the site.

Now I have seen False videos.
Now I have seen False interviews.
Now I have seen False facts and data.
Now I have seen, people that believe in the Lies!

Follow the Principle of Parsimony...
One should always choose the simplest explanation of a phenomenon, the one that requires the fewest leaps of logic.

The Truthers and other Conspiracy theorists want you to believe in Multiple, Giant Leaps of Faith.


Marriage of any kind, Gay or Straight is a lifelong commitment.
Lifting the ban on Gay marriages will surely spread, as it should.

I hope it will help our overwhelming divorce rate.  Both statistically and
by example.

Racist Pollution

Remember to evaluate everyone on a personal basis.
Stereotypes work for Advertising, but not for you as a person.

Family Fire Safety

Everyone in your house and your family Must know what to do in case of FIRE!

Even the Littlest ones of your family must know what Not to do in case of a fire.
Never hide in a closet or under the bed.

here is a Web site to help out...

Practice Compassion

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion,
If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

Dalai Lama

Pregnant and Married

A minimum of one year should pass in a marriage before you consider having Children.
Talk to your clergyman to help determine if you are ready for children.

Please take one Step at a Time.

The Key to your Childrens Future!

Giving your children the Best Education you can afford,
it is Far more important than you Driving a Fancy Car.

You Don't need stainless steel appliances.

You Don't need a Vacation Condo

Materialism is a horrible thing, do Not be Devoured by it.

A Childs Future

Is your Will in Order?

What happens to your children if you Die?
Who will take care of your children?

Get things in order, for them.

Protect the Innocent!

Child abuse is Wrong on any Level.

Get involved, Ignoring it means you Condone it.

Get information here...


As with couples wishing to be Married, couples wishing to have children should be counseled by their clergy.

People should neither be swept up in the Romance of Marriage nor the Romance of being a "Mommy" or "Daddy".  

It is a significant life alteration to be Married, but Marriage is a small life change compared to starting a family.

We now require all practitioners to have an informational and educational council before starting a family.

Saint James

I speak of James Madison, fourth President of the United States.

"Freedom arises from the multiplicity of sects, which pervades America and which is the best and only security for religious liberty in any society. For where there is such a variety of sects, there can ot be a majority of any one sect to oppress and persecute the rest."

"In a free government, the security for civil rights must be the same as that for religious rights. It consists in the one case in the multiplicity of interests, and in the other in the multiplicity of sects."

"Religion flourishes in greater purity without than with the aid of government."

"Rulers who wished to subvert the public liberty, may have found an established Clergy convenient auxiliaries. A just Government instituted to secure & perpetuate it needs them not."

We should not let our government be involved in religion, not only will it lead to the Death of many Sects, it will lead to the Death of Many People.

The Bible

Although I am not a follower of the Bible, I have studied it.

This is the Passage that has made the greatest impact.

Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, dwell on these things.

Do you think the Earth is Flat?

Please remember that the people that produced the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran all believed that the Earth was Flat!

Those men did not know everything and since they were men, they made mistakes.  These documents are not perfect, they are stories to help direct you through life, they are parables.

Also remember that they were not written in English, let alone Modern English. Translation is a very tricky thing because not all words have parallel meaning. Something is ALWAYS lost in Translation.

Do not see those writings as a given truth. They have been interpreted by men with agendas.

Sex Education

Please Educate your children about Sex.
It is Not a Dirty thing, it is our future.

Around the age of 10-12, children should be made aware of sex and the implications of it.  Things such as pregnancy and communicable diseases.  Tell them to talk to someone that knows about sex if they have questions. Tell them not to rely on a friend for information.

To make this discussion easier, it is a good idea to talk about sexual things when a child asks questions as they become aware of things.  If they have the question, they should be given the answer. Please keep in mind that being too graphic is a bad thing.

Make birth control available.  Even if it just keeping some condoms under the sink in the bathroom, they are  accessible and can be taken in private.

Kids having Kids is a Bad thing.

A drivers licence is a good idea, another good Idea would be a Parents licence.

Politics and Religions

"Encourage free schools and resolve that not one dollar appropriated for their support shall be appropriated to the support of any sectarian schools.

Resolve that neither the state nor nation, nor both combined, shall support institutions of learning other than those sufficient to afford every child growing up in the land of opportunity of a good common school education, unmixed with sectarian, pagan, or atheistical dogmas.

Leave the matter of religion to the family altar, the church and the private school supported entirely by private contributions.

Keep the church and state forever separate."

Ulysses S Grant

Concider Religious Profiteering

Why are Religious leaders involved in materialism, when so much pain is still in the world?

Saint John

America's first Vice President and as its second President.

"Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war."

"Power always thinks... that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws."

John Adams

Casting the First Stone.

I was recently invited to and attended a Christian Social.

I was dismayed by the arrogance and superiority that many of these so-called Christians possessed. I heard terms like "backsliders" and "unsaved" in reference to non and non-practicing Christians.

I find this Offensive, how can people study the Bible and never understand even the most basic principles of it.

Always remember that in the world there are many good and righteous people who are not Christians or even religious. Please remember just because someone doesn't carry a title does not make them Evil.

Resolutions Thru Tools and Knowledge!

Recently an old friend came to me with a major dilemma.

She was pregnant and was told her baby will be born with one and perhaps many birth defects. This disorder generally lets the baby live for a short time, but never a long and healthy time. Her Doctor and Husband both want to have it aborted, However her Faith has told her and condemns those who use abortion.

As we spoke,

I asked her if she thinks that she can act outside of God's realm.

I asked her if she can think outside of God's Box.

I asked her if she thinks we have things in our lives that god did not give us.

I then told her that God has given us tools to enrich our lives and make our lives better. Stupid is a person that does not use the tools that God has given them. Please remember that this is in conjunction with a the use of a tool called a Moral Compass.

I will not expose her and her tale any further, but I made it clear to her that abortion is a tool to be used by Man to make Mankind Better.

No Indoctrination

Do not use Coercion to bring a child to a religion. Bring a child along by example and they will find it for themselves.

This way we keep our Faith pure.

The three most important things to remember are...
Lead by Example,
Lead by Example,
Lead by Example.

Childhood is Painful

It is our job as parents and adults to protect and comfort our children.

Being a child is not all about fun and playing, it is about change and discomfort. Teething, growing pains, injury, misunderstanding, and confusion are all the things that bring us to adulthood. The impact on us as children is moderated by the Adults in our lives. You can mediate or exacerbate the problems, make the effort to reduce the stress.

Give your Child Structure

Kids need a foundation to build their life on.
It is your job to give them that sound foundation.

Teach them how to...
Respect all people
Use good manners
Brush their teeth
Have a conversation
Change a tire (yes, Girls also)

Permits are not issued to have a child, sometimes it seems like it would benefit everyone if things were set up that way.

How to be a Good Parent

Stop with the false notion of Quality Time.

A parent should be there to raise a child. A child needs both its mom and dad.

If you are seperated or divorced, split the childs time. Money will Never make up for a missing parent.

Dont be a shelfish person. Make your life more complicated to make your kid's life less complicated.

A spoiled child is Not a happy kid. You cant make up for not being with them.

Kids want Time and Love from their parents.

New Chapel Scheduled for Construction!

We The Clergy here at the Church of Humanistic Design would like to announce a New Grand Chapel.

We are planning an Opulent, State of the Art place of worship, as soon as all the Worlds problems are gone!

Is everybody with me!

Power corrupts; absolution power corrupts absolutely

This quotation is in reference to the prior posts.

Always question people in authority, such as Doctors Clergy
and Politicians.

They are Simple Men, as we are and are not infallible.

In some cases they may even have motive to deceive, such as Money or Power.

It is your Right to question Authority, as an American and as a Human

Do Not Drug your Children!

Too many people are having Doctors medicate their children, this is the wrong thing in Most cases.

Children are not Objects, they take a lot of Time and Effort.

Do not have children unless you are ready to make sacrifices in your way of life.


Do Not depend on Drugs to make and keep you happy!

They can be used to for Help to get out of a depressive Rut, however extended use will glaze over your life, feelings and experiences.

One must find the cause of depression and Fix the problem.

I also understand that a small percentage of people need these drugs daily, but too many people use them because they are Lazy.

Life is about problems and fixing them!


Use them...

Always use them. They protect You and the Ones You Love!

They must be used from first penetration, not just at the end to catch the Seminal Fluid.

Sperm is Not Sacred!

We are not Wild animals, but we are indeed animals.
It is better to spill it, then to repress this drive. The Repression will lead to Evil!

I do Not say to go and Fornicate randomly!
However , One must Not get caught in a cycle of Repression, Action and Guilt. This is very destructive.

We have all read about what evil is brought to those whom Repress. They become a distorted Evil.

You cannot Think outside of God's Box!

Anything man thinks of is within the Realm of God.
How conceited is GW BUSH to think that Stem cell research is stepping over a line that God has set!
God has given us this wisdom and the drive to explore nature.

Death is Inevitable...

How are you dealing with the prospect?

You should live your life to the Fullest.

Death will come on its own terms.

Do Not help it, but do Not Fear it!

Death is Nature.

Tell Us about why Faith is Important to you.

Send me an email about the Strengths and Failings of your Faith.

Welcome One and All!

Welcome to the Clear view of Spirituality and Religion.
Please come back frequently and always feel free to send emails on any topic.

Good day, reverend mark.